The Vice Deanship for Development and Community Partnership has the following responsibilities: 

  1. Infuse a culture of quality through trainings, workshops and lectures in collaboration with the Deanship for Quality and Academic Accreditation (DQAA). 
  2. Contribute to achieve strategic goals of the College of Dentistry. 
  3. Prepare and implement related units specific strategic plan which is aligned with the strategic plan of the College and the university. 
  4. Implement and execute the standards of the management of Quality and Academic Accreditation in the College according to the NCAAA requirements. 
  5. Create a follow-up mechanism to implement the processes of improvement of quality and academic accreditation in academic and administration departments as well as clinics, research and community service activities. 
  6. Continuously revise performance indicators and ensure registration of actual and related data at the end of each academic year. 
  7. Conduct and report approved surveys such as lecturing skills, classroom, library, IT, students support services. 
  8. Implement planned and continuous evaluation systems that depend on analysis of surveys (DCS, CES, PES and SES) according to NCAAA requirements. 
  9. Prepare an annual vice deanship report and present it to the College Dean for approval and forward a copy to the Supervisor General, DQAA. 
  10. Conduct curricular and extracurricular community projects at the College of Dentistry and within the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The community project are being implemented and regulated via the Community Service Unit (CSU). 
  11. Provide continuous education opportunities for faculty, supportive staff, alumni and regional dentists via in person lectures, workshops and online lectures. The Continuing Education and Development Unit (CE&D) oversees the provision of the educational services. 
  12. Manage the public relations via the Public Relations Unit to share public announcements and accomplishments via social media outlets and email. 
  13. Publish a bimonthly newsletter including accomplishments, awards, faculty, staff and alumni news. 
Published on: 10 November 2016
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