The Department of Biomedical Dental Science (BDS) contains several sections concerned with diagnosing oral diseases and treatment strategies, in addition to sections specialized in dental and bi-maxillary surgery and radiology.  Students learn the basics of dental biology, anatomy and surgery.


Oral Biology Division  

This division covers the study of the basic biological characteristics of oral tissues and peri-oral areas in health and disease.

Oral Pathology Division

The students will become familiar with the different oral diseases, which affect humans in general and will concentrate on the mandible and maxilla bones and the surrounding tissues in particular.  The students will also learn the diseases characterized by the appearance of oral or facial symptoms which affect the body in general.

Oral Radiology Division

In this division, students will learn the physics of radiation, how to take radiographs and how to interpret them.

Oral Diagnosis Divison

This division aims to teach and train students in modern techniques used in the diagnosis of oral diseases.

Oral Medicine Division

The students are taught in the clinical skills necessary for examination, diagnosis and treatment of different oral diseases.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The students are trained in the clinical skills necessary for tooth extraction.  They are also trained to apply different surgical techniques to manage aesthetic and prosthetic situations, trauma and tumors.