The Department of Preventive Dental Sciences (PDS) consists of minimum frame prevention and preventive treatment along with the utilization of modern diagnostic methods and providing optimum dental care.  The Department is also involved in several research and behavioral science in coordination with the Basic Sciences Program. The Department teach all courses related to dental public health, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and periodontics.  


Dental Public Health  

This division aspires to qualify the students to meet the needs of the community, particularly those related to oral health in accordance with the community’s social and cultural circumstances.  This division participate through the community service unit to organizes and conducts outreach programs and symposia, which are held at health centers, community service centers and other facilities.   

Orthodontic Division

This division teaches students the basics of orthodontics and the diagnosis of disorders and malformations of teeth, as well as maxillofacial deformities. It also teaches the students how to to diagnose, and treat malocclusion and developmental deformities using the best available tools to treat adults and children.  

Pediatric Dentistry Division 

It teaches students the normal growth of dentition and oral structures and their pathological disorder as well as teaching the students about preventive and therapeutic techniques for inherited and acquired dental problems in children. 

Periodontic Division

This division focuses on the supporting structures of the teeth (periodontium) and the recognition of pathological changes resulting from local and systemic causes.  The effect of diseased periodontiums on systemic health is also covered. It also teaches students oh how to perform surgical treatment for the tissue and to perform the surgical part of implant restoration. 

Academic Programs

The PDS Department offers postgraduate periodontics, orthodontic and pediatric dentistry fellowship fellowships, which include theoretical, laboratory, clinical training, and research projects.  



Phone: +966 13 333-1529
Email: CD.PDSD@iau.edu.sa

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