The Department of Restorative Dental Sciences (RDS) teaches the basics of tooth restoration and the science of dental materials and their application, as well as the management of dental pulp problems. The Department’s state-of-the-art equipment helps the Department keep up to date with the latest developments in the dental field.  In addition, there are laboratories designed for students that are equipped with the latest in audiovisual communication in order to explain the methods of restorative and endodontic dental treatments.


Dental Biomaterials Division

In this division, the students learn the materials used in the different branches of dentistry. The students will be exposed to a comprehensive study of the microstructure, physical, mechanical properties of dental materials, their interaction with the oral environment, and how to utilize them in dentistry.

Operative Dentistry Division

This division focuses on how to manage diseases of the hard tooth structure and how to restore them to a normal condition, including the needed instruments and instrumentation. They also learn how to manage complex tooth loss in order to restore the patient’s needs for comfort, mastication and esthetics.

Endodontic Division

In this division, the students learn the theoretical basis of dental pulp and root canal treatment procedures, and its relation to peri-radicular disease. They are also exposed to the diagnosis and management of root pathology both at the pre-clinical and clinical levels.

Published on: 12 May 2014
Last update on: 13 April 2022