The Department teaches theoretical and laboratory courses for students that will help them reach the right diagnosis, as well as give them a background in rehabilitative and substitutive treatment in order to meet the individual patients' needs.  This Department includes full, partial, fixed and removable prosthetics.

Students learn the basics of dental implants, which include precise diagnosis, treatment strategy and the opportunity to help in dental implant surgery as well as complete final prosthetic treatments.


Removable (Complete and Partial) Prosthodontics Division

This section teaches students various techniques for how to fabricate removable partial dentures.  They are also trained in complete removable dentures in cases of complete tooth loss, taking into consideration various circumstances.

Fixed Prosthodontics Division

This division aims to train students in the diagnosis and management of tooth loss by constructing fixed dentures that are similar to natural teeth.  The students are also trained in making posts, cores and crowns to protect broken teeth.

Advanced Prosthodontics Division

In this division, students learn about recent theories and techniques in the area of maxillo-facial prosthesis design  in order to fabricate missing structures like ears, nose, eye, etc., including exposure to dental implants.