Scientific Research at the College of Dentistry (COD) covers multiple areas in dentistry and oral health. It adapts and follows the Research Priorities at IAU, employing timely and strongly relevant research areas aiming, not only to promote oral health of patients and sociality, but also to enhance the research productivity, COD & IAU visibility, and ranking. 

 Osseointegration and Regenerative Dentistry 
Focuses on promoting understanding of the biological processes of osseointegration and oral regenerative procedures. The goal is to improve and/or develop approaches and therapies for rebuilding dental, oral and maxillofacial tissues that are lost due to local and systemic diseases. 

 Community Oral Health 
Spread over different topics, including patient access and benefits from dental care; quality of life related to oral health care; epidemiological aspects of oral diseases; associations between systemic, nutritional, and habits factors with oral health. It also explores various aspects of awareness, knowledge and skills among oral health providers within and outside the university. 

Dietary and Pharmacological Agents and Oral Health 
Focuses on fundamental and mechanistic aspects of the impact of diet and nutrition regimes, chronic habits, and systemic drugs on oral tissues, using representative animal models and multiple analytical procedures. 

Metabolic and Genetic Disorders and Oral Diagnostics 
Interdisciplinary clinical research on a wide range of oral manifestations of metabolic disorders and genetic diseases, new diagnostics, and biomarker technologies. The research involves multiple sampling protocols in conjunction with clinical, molecular, and microbiological investigations.  

Bioactive Materials and Oral Microbiology Research 
Focuses on existing and developing new bioactive restorative and adhesive biomaterials for various dental applications. It aims to provide further understanding of physical, bioactive and/or antimicrobial properties of biomaterials in combination with the application of advanced characterization techniques, driving developments of new generations of dental biomaterials. 

Nano-Based and Computerized Technologies in Dentistry 
Focuses on various materials used with CAD/CAM systems and explore different approaches to improve their mechanical properties. It also investigates new generations of ceramics, nanoceramics and hybrid ceramics, employing multiple characterization procedures and modeling systems that allow prediction and interpretation on their performance in oral cavity. 

The college has an advanced technological infrastructure that enables the researchers to conduct high-quality scientific research, which includes well-equipped research laboratories. 

Published on: 28 December 2014
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