Micro Computerized Tomography Laboratory (Micro CT)

The college has a laboratory containing Sky Scan Micro-CT (1172), which is a high-resolution CT scanner.

It produces images with up to 8000x8000 pixels in every slice and down to 0.7 µm isotropic detail detectability. The scanner scans faster (to obtain the same or better image quality) compared to micro-CT systems with a fixed source-detector design.

The cooled x-ray digital camera achieves high spatial resolution without compromising sample size. Fast scan and reconstruction throughput is supported by a computer cluster option, which reconstructs scanned datasets in less time than the scan duration in most cases, using several PCs in tandem. Cross section images are generated in a wide range of formats.


Oral Biology and Histology Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with light microscopes for students to examine specimens of various oral tissues. The laboratory contains a number of pieces of technologically advanced equipment, such as machines for staining tissue samples, and for the analysis of cancerous and immunologically diseased tissue. The laboratory provides its services also for educational clinics, post graduate study programs and scientific research inside the college.


Material Science Research Laboratory:

In this laboratory, materials that are commonly used in the field of dentistry are tested for their tensile and comprehensive strength and their physical and flexural characteristics. The Instron machine is available for material testing. Visible light microscopy is also available to examine the surfaces of different types of dental materials. It also includes a thermocycling machine.