Anatomy Department

The Department of Anatomy was established in 1976.  The department’s activities are coordinated with other pre-clinical and clinical departments and the faculty is actively involved in teaching anatomical subjects to medical undergraduate and graduate students and other students in the health disciplines.

Biochemistry Department

The faculty of the Department of Biochemistry began teaching students in 1976 and the biochemistry curriculum has been structured to meet the different needs of the medical students.

Family and Community Medicine Department

The Department of Family and Community Medicine provides undergraduate education, master and fellowship programs in Family and Community Medicine, training in the Saudi Board of Family Medicine as well as the Arab Board in both Family Medicine and Community Medicine.  The department has attracted highly qualified Saudi and non-Saudi faculty who have contributed to the development of the curricula which later formed the basis for the Saudi and Arab Board’s Fellowship in Family and Community Medicine.

Microbiology Department

The faculty at the  Department of Microbiology has been teaching medical students since 1977.  Microbiology is the science of medicine that deals with micro-organisms, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, which cause infections/diseases in humans. The department is concerned with teaching the basic properties of the organisms, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prevention of these types of diseases. The department’s faculty members are actively involved in research work and the results of their research have been presented and published in both Saudi Arabian and International medical journals.

Pathology Department

The Pathology Department is one of the academic departments of the College of Medicine involved in connecting the pre-clinical stage with the clinical stage through teaching courses that enable the student to identify the causes of diseases and how to diagnose them.  The courses include the general study of diseases followed by the specific study of diseases of the human body systems, blood diseases and forensic medicine. 

Physiology Department

The Department of Physiology was established in 1976 and since then the faculty has taught medical students as well as students from the other health science colleges.  The Department of Physiology offers both master and doctoral degree programs in physiology.

Published on: 09 April 2014
Last update on: 23 August 2021