The Vice Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research undertakes several tasks, including the aspiration to promote higher studies and scientific research within the college and to find suitable programs for the requirements of the labor market in the various nursing disciplines and encourage to advance the level of postgraduate studies in order to prepare a scientific code of high efficiency. As well as knowledge of educational developments and research in all areas of knowledge, professional and skill to support the College to be one of the most important beacons of science at the level of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, and Arab and international universities. It also develops and increases the productivity for scientific research and encourages creativity and innovation in college by creating an appropriate research environment for faculty members and postgraduate students, encouraging them to benefit from the opportunities available by the Deanship of Scientific Research and the Graduate Studies Unit. 



Studies and Scientific Research Unit

Encourages productivity in research and scholarly activities through effective utilization of resources, develop a culture of research, and transfer of new knowledge through research and innovation to progress the wellbeing of the society.

Scholarship and Demonstrators Unit

supports and encourages the demonstrators and lecturers to complete the scholarship requirements. In addition, follow up the postgraduate students abroad, to address the difficulties and challenges they face.

Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Unit

The unit is concerned with postgraduate programs starting from application and acceptance and continuing to provide consultative services for postgraduate students at the College of Nursing and develop the training programs, workshops and scientific seminars that support the postgraduate students in the areas of study and research  


Published on: 01 July 2019
Last update on: 16 February 2021