Greetings from the college of public health and I would like to welcome you all to the college and the university.

As you are all aware that the Kingdom is going through massive and accelerated changes, with unprecedented and fast developments in all economic, cultural and societal aspects of life [ not sure if this is the exact translation required but please change as you see fit]. This change is particularly evident in the higher education and universities sector. The Kingdom’s leadership is currently supporting this sector with special attention and allocated major financial incentives and budgets to endorse the developments in this important sector. The aim of this support is to establish a world class higher educational system, with excellent and supportive learning environments that these can bring about to all Saudi students, enabling them to translate this knowledge for implementing the Kingdom’s vision 2030. The university is working extensively to fulfil this vision and to implement these noble goals and objectives as stated in Kingdom’s vision 2030 ?

The college of public health with the support of the university’s senior management and the office of his Excellency the president are keen to establish and implement distinctive and highly professional learning environments for all its male and female students.  These will enable a vibrant and supportive university environment that can enable all our graduates and in all areas of medical and healthcare related sciences to contribute effectively and successfully in all of Kingdom’s hospitals, clinics and other healthcare related sectors.

The college of public health is located in the medical college’s compound within the university, making this location within reach to all other medical schools and the perfect locality for implementing college’s ambitious academic mission.

The college of public health awards Bachelor’s degrees in three public health specialities (environmental health, health information management and technology, healthcare quality and patient safety). In addition the college also awards master’s degrees in public health, environmental health, and healthcare quality and patient safety.

We ask Allah the merciful (please check if this is the best translation) for the college to become a beacon of knowledge and scientific advancements in all public health related areas and to contribute to the advancement of learning, research, consultancy and knowledge transfer areas to all public and private healthcare sectors and to serve our society and beloved kingdom.


Dr. Turki Al Anzi

Dean - College of Public Health