About the vice deanship:

The College Vice Deanship for Female Student Affairs is one of the branches of the college’s organizational structure aimed to be a tributary to achieving the goals of the strategic plan by creating a stimulating environment for female students by providing support and development for all that serves the student and advances her academic career. This is implemented through its subordinate units that develop cognitive, cultural, and social aspects.

The vice deanship also aims to enhance students' skills in innovation and creativity and spread the concept of volunteer work by providing support for extracurricular activities. In addition, developing capabilities and improving the level of performance by providing programs and training courses for both the educational and administrative staff.

The College Vice Deanship for Female Student Affairs supervises the overall progress of the educational process technically and supports the wheel of development by ensuring the safety of the classrooms and their readiness with all means of technology. Moreover, some units contribute to providing psychological support to ensure the stability of the student and create the appropriate atmosphere for her.

 Vice deanship tasks:

  • Enhancing students ’skills in innovation and creativity and spreading the concept of volunteer work through the provision of extracurricular activities.
  • Ensure that the building is ready, technically and safely, to efficiently complete the educational process.
  • Staff development by providing programs and training courses for administrative staff.
  • Assist the vice deanship of academic affairs during the examinations period in the female section.
  • Share the issued circulars and announcements with the college female staff and students via the vice deanship mail.

Vice deanship units:

  •  Administrative Affairs Unit the Administrative Affairs Unit at the College performs the following tasks:
  • Follow up on the provision of the college’s needs in terms of photocopy papers and stationery tools.
  • Supervising the regular maintenance of the college.
  • Control over the use and maintenance of devices.
  •  Supervising the handover and receipt of the faculty mandate.
  • Preparing exchange requests for the college.
  •  Financial Affairs Unit:

The financial affairs coordinator receives the college’s annual budget and disburses it according to the college’s requirements. She also collects bills at the end of the academic year and submits them to the Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

  •  Student Activities Unit:

This unit aims to activate extracurricular activities in the college for female students, as a plan for the activities that will take place during the semester is prepared and announced for female students, supervised and implemented. Reports and coverages of the activities that have been implemented are prepared and submitted to the Deanship of Student Affairs.

  • Classroom, Interactive, and Lab Reservations Unit:

This unit aims to regulate the use of the halls through prior reservation by the Coordinator of Administrative Affairs to avoid the occurrence of any conflict and to maintain the education workflow.

  •  Communication Unit:

Ensure that circulars and advertisements are delivered to all faculty members and students.

  •  Exam Progress Committee:

This committee makes sure that the classrooms are equipped in terms of lighting, adaptation, and sterilization, in addition to ensuring the safety of students before entering the examination hall. Exam questions are also received after completion in the secretarial office and handed over to the correction officer.

  •  Administrative Staff Development Committee:

The committee aims to develop the administrative staff in the college by holding several different training courses during the year that contribute to developing the skills of female employees and acquiring new skills and experiences that increase the efficiency of their performance.


• College Vice Deanship for Female Student Affairs
Email: CPH.VDSA@iau.edu.sa

Ext .: 013 3331242

• Secretariat of the College Agency for Female Student Affairs
Ext: 013 3332913

Published on: 28 April 2021
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