About the Vice Deanship

The Vice Deanship is aiming for continues improvement in the college performance in all aspects ;academic, professional and community services. These improvements were carried out by proper planning and strategies to monitor, improve and sustain quality of the college outcome by fostering proper training. Additionally, monitor the quality performance following the university requirement.


  • Monitor the quality assurance measures and monitor the progress in attaining academic accreditations
  • Monitor faculty development activities
  • Restore and maintain evidences and documents that monitor the college achievements.
  • Monitor the execution of the strategic plan and risk management strategies.


Units of the Vice Deanship

  • Quality and accreditation unit: this unit has been established to ensure quality culture dissemination in all academic educational aspects in the college by guaranteeing the achievements of all national NCAAA standards. The college of public health undertaking the quality work that should have a coherent strategy supported by robust yet flexible and up-to-date policies and regulations, with the utmost transparency and effectiveness. Monitoring and careful management of the educational process during all phases of learning, teaching and assessment is carried out by the quality and accreditation unit in the college. 
  • Faculty Development unit: This unit is committed to provide faculty members with development opportunities to improve their skills in teaching and leadership, engage scholarly activities and improve faculty personal development to excel and be distinguished at the local, regional and global levels.
  • Documentation and evidence unit: This unit is concerned with the existence of evidence and documents that support the annual report of the college from the database of employees, students and community service, as well as documenting the college’s achievements in terms of consultations, research and evidence that support the measurement of performance indicators.
  • Strategic and risk management unit: It is a unit concerned with developing strategic plans for the college and ensuring their implementation to achieve the college’s educational and scientific goals and community service. As well as developing future plans for risk management.
  • Community services: The Community Service Unit is concerned with activating the role of the College of Public Health in community services in various fields and creating dimensions of sustainable social and environmental development to meet the needs of today's society and future generations.
  • Support unit for training and specialty house: It is a unit concerned with reviewing the training programs, following up on work, and making sure that any technical problems are solved during the stay of the courses. Encouraging members to participate in such courses and invest in subspecialties to place them as centers of expertise for the college to support the community

Contact Us

Vice dean of studies, development and community services

Email: CPH.VDSQCS@iau.edu.sa

Phone: 013 3335213


Secretary of the vice dean of studies, development and community services

Phone:013 3332958

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