About the Vice Deanship

The vice deanship organizes, coordinates, and supervises students' training affairs as part of academic training courses and also during their internship year. The vice deanship coordinates and cooperates with hospitals, companies, and distinguished training centers to provide high-quality and professional training opportunities and to achieve the desired outcomes of the College's training programs.


  • Organize the process of training College students in various training areas.
  • Follow up students’ performance and progress in the various training centers and in coordination with the respective College departments.
  • Communicate with different training centers to secure and provide training opportunities to the College's students and interns.
  • Establish cooperative relationships with professional and research institutions to train the College's students and interns.
  • Continuously assess training skills and competencies, in coordination with the respective College departments.
  • Develop the regulations for training and internship in accordance with the University's and College's relevant bylaws and decisions.
  • Issue and approve internship completion certificates.


  • Training unit
    This unit is responsible for organizing students' training as part of the academic programs' study plan through field training courses and field visits during the academic year - during the second, third and fourth years.
  • Internship unit
    This unit is responsible for organizing and coordinating the internship program; the fifth year in all departments of the College where students spend a one-year training period in a hospital or other training centers; each in their respective field of specialization.

The internship program is divided into several training rotations, where students train in different departments in accredited training centers to apply the gained knowledge, improve their skills and gain professional experience in the field of their specialization.


Contact Us

Vice Deanship of Training & Internship
Email: CPH.VDTI@iau.edu.sa
Phone: (013)33-35201

Published on: 28 March 2021
Last update on: 23 November 2021