English Department

Computer Science department is one of the important scientific departments which goes along with the rapid and continuous development in the field of computer science. The department provides a program for an educational bachelor degree in Computer Sciences. Upon successful completion, female students are qualified to work as teachers or specialists in programming and computer science, in addition to pursue their higher education in the field of computer science or educational sciences. Moreover, the department is responsible for providing computer courses for other college departments' students. 

Kindergarten Department

The Department of Kindergarten, which officially started in the academic year 1424 Hijra, is considered one of the vital departments in the community. The Department presents an integrative academic program for obtaining a Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the female graduates are qualified to work as teachers, or educators, or specialists in children up-bringing. 

Special Education Department 

Special Education, which officially started in the academic year 1431-1432 H, is a newly founded department in the College of Education for Girls in Jubail, in response to the growing need in Saudi Arabia for qualified teachers specialized in dealing with people with special needs. In the near future, the department aspires to offer other curricula such as mental and hearing disabilities and the talented education. 

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