The Department of English Language was established in 1999 in line with the international need of the English language as a primary language for professional, academic and communicative purposes. The first phase of the department was under the umbrella of College of Education in Jubail, where the department tackled the English language from a pedagogical point of view, and has thus granted a bachelor degree in Education in English language. ​

The department has a long and proud history of education and scientific research in all fields of the English language.​ In 2019, the College of Education in Jubail was transformed into the College of Science and Humanities in Jubail. This improvement has given birth to the program of English Language and Translation, which is suitable for the needs of the Saudi labor market. 

It is a priority of the department to improve students’ communicative competence, to provide them with intensive knowledge in the fields related to the English language, and to enhance their linguistic and cultural knowledge related to English language, in order to enable them to translate in both written and verbal forms. 


Offering distinguished education and quality applied research in the different areas of English Language through providing motivating learning environment and effective professional partnerships to contribute to sustainable community service.  ​


  • Facilitating the development of English language skills, while also creating an effective educational setting by accomplishing this: ​
  • Preparing well-qualified students in the field of English Language and Translation.​
  • Enhancing students’ linguistic and communicative competence in English language.​
  • Providing training in different modes and up-to-date practices in the fields of English Language.​
  • Equipping students with the necessary analytical and critical thinking skills for future academic and professional aspirations.​
  • Conducting projects that meet the needs of the market.​


Labs at the Department of English


The Department of English has two Language and Translation labs founded in 2023 by the Department of English Language. Each lab is equipped with facilities on 24 desktop computers, a recording booth, and an LCD projector.

The labs provide students with a real working environment for their translation and interpreting knowledge. The labs’ efficient system allows a large variety of translation types such as written text interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting.

Moreover, the labs have multimedia aiding the learning of listening, phonetics, pronunciation, and speaking. 

More facilities in the labs can be used both for research and teaching. Some facilities are available for experimental and quantitative research in acoustics, sociophonetics, and speech and language processing and acquisition.


Contact us

Email: ed.edu.jbl@iau.edu.sa

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