The Department of English is one of the important departments in the College of Education in Jubail. It provides a program for an educational bachelor degree in English language. The program equips its female graduates with the required competencies to teach English effectively. It also prepares them to continue their higher studies in areas related to language learning and teaching. 


The department aspires to be a pioneer in all specialties relevant to the field of teaching English in excellent and motivating educational environments. 


The department seeks to graduate female teachers in English language in accordance with quality and academic accreditation standards compatibly with Islamic values and ethics. 

Nature of the program

The department awards a Bachelor of Education in English Language, upon completion of a four-year course. (eight levels). 


The program aims at achieving the following: 

    • applying the knowledge of English and teaching methodology and using technology in language teaching classrooms.
    • responding confidently to the urgent need for English teachers in the educational institutions.
    • conducting researches in the four related fields: language skills, translation, linguistics, and literature.
    • meeting effectively the great changes and developments in the educational process.
    • communicating with the community by demonstrating critical and practical knowledge in the field of teaching English along with developing curricula and literary and cultural studies.
    • communicating effectively with the community members and students through various subjects.
    • Preserving the Arab and Islamic identity. 
          Published on: 24 June 2014
          Last update on: 16 March 2016