The Department of Kindergarten, which officially started in the academic year 1424 Hijra, is considered one of the vital departments in the community. The Department presents an integrative academic program for obtaining a Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the female graduates are qualified to work as teachers, or educators, or specialists in children up-bringing. 


The department aspires to be a pioneer in all specialties relevant to the field of early childhood care in excellent and motivating educational environments. 


The department seeks to graduate female teachers in kindergarten field in accordance with quality and academic accreditation standards as well as Islamic ethics. 

Nature of the Program

The program awards a Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten upon successful completion of a four-year course. 


The program aims at achieving the following:

  • Providing female students with the necessary knowledge about the importance of kindergarten stage in building the child’s character and learning.
  • Providing female students with the necessary knowledge about the educational roles played by both family and school, as well as spreading awareness about the fathers’ vital role in bringing up their children properly.
  • Equipping teacher-students with skills and teaching strategies based on child activity and enhances self-study.
  • Training female students on the skill of producing and exploiting means and teachingtechniques and using them efficiently in actual teaching situations; hence, achieving the goals of the educational stage.
  • Enabling female students to communicate efficiently with children, students, care-takers, and community members.
  • Preserving the Arab identity and Islamic culture. 
Published on: 24 June 2014
Last update on: 10 May 2015