Computer Science Department  

Computer Science department is one of the important scientific departments which goes along with the rapid and continuous in the field of computer science. The department provides a program for an educational bachelor degree in Computer Sciences. Upon successful completion, female students are qualified to work as teachers or specialists in programming and computer science, in addition to pursue their higher education in the field of computer science or educational sciences. Moreover, the department is responsible for providing computer courses for other college departments' students. 

Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics is one of the science departments in College of Education at Jubail. The department offers education bachelor of mathematics. Graduates are qualified to teach mathematics to all levels. The programme also prepares students to pursue higher studies in mathematics or education. 

Physics Department

Department of Physics is considered an important part of this college. It contributes to graduating well-prepared and scientifically qualified students who will later help in developing the concept of physics. The graduates will also be competent enough to pursue higher studies in educational branches of physics

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