Alumni and Career Development Unit was established in the college of sciences by the end of second term in 1432-1433A.H. It is under the supervision of Dr. Ibtisam Mohammed Ababutain, a member in the permanent advisory committee of the alumni and career development center (previously). The unit was authorized in first term in 1437-1438 A.H, and it is a unit which is connected with the college administratively and with the center of the Alumni and Career Development Center technically.



 A pioneer unit achieving distinction in communication with the alumni.


To extend communication bridges between the college and its graduates and provide services to develop their skills to enter the labor market with confidence.



  • The technical correlation and the coordination with the Alumni and Career Development Center in the university.
  • Caring for improving the page of the alumni and feeding it periodically with information which contains: brief extract about the unit, alumni activities in the college, alumni news, prominent alumni, the alumni stories of success, the statistics of the alumni, employment opportunities for them and many other developmental and modern ideas that show the information of the alumni in the website.
  • To improve the website of the alumni and Development Center, and explaining how to deal with it by the previous alumni and the expected alumni to register in it and interact. Also, communicating with the operator companies, or those who ask for alumni employment, to interact through the website. 
  • To coordinate with the academic affairs in the college in order to ensure that the expected alumni have registered their information on the website.
  • To prepare the information of the alumni and the expected alumni, and make sure that they are identical with the information on the website.
  • To certify the information of the registered alumni in the database. 
  • To supervise on holding workshops for the expected alumni through the website.
  • To prepare meetings with the expected alumni and enlighten them with the importance of communicating after the graduation with the alumni center, and informing them of its services. 
  • To supply the Alumni and Career Development Center with the information of the superior and the distinctive pre-graduates of every class.
  • To prepare the reports of the alumni that might be needed by the Alumni and Career Development Center in the university.
  • To prepare the reports which are about the activities that were carried out during the academic year.
  • To coordinate for any other activities the Alumni and Career Development Center liked to hold in the college.
  • To prepare for college participation in the career forum. 
  • To coordinate with the academic departments in the college about the field training and the applied training of the expected alumni.
  • To coordinate with the center in the commencement and making sure that all the information of the commencement is in the center's website and the university's too.
  • To communicate periodically with the alumni and updating their information through all the means of communications like Linked-in, phone calls, SMS, e-mails. etc. 
  • To activate and distribute the center's questionnaires and making sure that the alumni and the expected alumni receive them.
  • To cooperate with the Alumni and Career Development Center to compose a periodical magazine, and provide the news and the information of the alumni.
  • To increase the alumni contributions to the website.
  • To show the services which are presented for the alumni, and to suggest improvement ideas.

Other Services

  • To present the vocational training under the names of (the administrative field, teaching field, researching field, and laboratory technician). By the end of the training, the trainee will obtain a certificate which will rehabilitate her to get a job.

  • To hold training courses like (files management, Microsoft Office, presentations and designing courses)

  • To hold workshops that help the alumni to prepare for the C.V and to pass the interview successfully.

  • To hold awareness lectures about the future job.

  • To issue the alumni card through the Alumni and Career Development Center.

Contact Us

Phone:  37361
Building 5  Floor: Ground floor   Office: GF2

Published on: 20 March 2017
Last update on: 21 January 2021