The voluntary training is one of the services that is offered by the Alumni and Career Development Center in the College of Science for all of its Graduates and who wish to take advantage of the service. At the end of the internship, the trainee obtains a volunteer training certificate which helps in improving the CV and competing on the jobs available at the business and labor market. The work on this voluntary training program has started with the summer semester of the year 1433 until this date.


1. Qualifying the graduate for the labor market in the administrative, educational, and research fields

2. Giving the graduate the skills of dealing with others and taking responsibility, which includes:

  • Taking responsibility for others' self-learning and going forward in personal and professional development.
  • Working effectively in groups.
  • Acting responsibly in personal and professional relationships.
  • Acting in a professional manner and committing to high moral values on a personal and social scale.

3. Giving the graduate the communication and the IT skills, which contains:

  • Communicating effectively in oral and written communications.
  • Using the communications and information technology.

Training Domains

The trainee receives multiple skills in each of the following:

  1. Administration training
  2. Teaching training
  3. Lab Technician
  4. Research Training

Submission Period

The submission period starts at the beginning of each semester (first and second)

The Required Papers

  1. CV
  2. A copy of the graduation certificate
  3. A copy of the personal identification (ID)
  4. Copies of training courses certificates (if any)
Published on: 23 January 2017
Last update on: 16 December 2020