About the Career Excellence Guide

In accordance with the 2030 Saudi Vision, where special treatment is directed to national professional cadres and to open the doors to participation i

n the development and progress of our precious Kingdom. The Vice Deanship for Studies, Development and Community Service, represented by the Performance Development and Career Excellence Unit, has launched the “Career Excellence Manual” initiative to attract the College of Science's outstanding professional competencies to help in supporting developmental programs, and to contribute in reaching to the highest levels of competency, while meeting the requirements of the institutional and program accreditation standards. Also, to promote and spread the notion of innovation in the professional community, to ignite the spirit of creativity, stimulate creative thinking and to bridge communication between different administrations and departments. As well as to discover staff hidden talents and to sponsoring professional development initiatives and ideas that contribute to the progress of the services in the college and the University as well.


College of Science is the first incubator for job innovation.


To monitor the best practices and mechanisms applied in the work environment to raise the efficiency of staff performance and to build a strategy and system that stimulates the effective contribution to enrich the creative side in the field of career excellence.


  • Refinement of career development skill and innovation.
  • Enhancing creative work among employees.
  • Recognizing creative employees.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the faculty members.
  • Building a database of ideas and developmental initiatives to activate these ideas in the service of the college and the university.

The Idea's Journey

  1. Receiving the idea electronically through the web form located on the University's website.
  2. Sorting the ideas and verifying that the data is complete.
  3. Sending the idea to a committee to study the possibility of its application.
  4. The selected ideas will be included in the "College of Science Career Excellence manual " while preserving the rights of the idea's creator.
  5. Honoring the participants. 
Published on: 02 September 2019
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