Initiative Information

Initiative Idea

Honoring an employee from each department every month, where she has the highest number of points compared to her colleagues in the same department, in the evaluation form designed for this purpose, the same employee must not be honored more than once a year.


Distinguished college by its employees.


Motivating administrative and technical staff in the college to achieve excellence through applying a reward system, granting appreciation, and creating an atmosphere of positive competition to reach job satisfaction.


  1. Increase the number of distinguished employees.
  2. Increase productivity.
  3. Raise the level of productivity at work.
  4. Find solutions to obstacles and difficulties.



Initiative - cooperation - innovation – excellence

Initiative Implementation Strategy

First Stage

Setting up an event to explain and promote the idea of ​​the competition, and to clarify the implementation mechanism. Then announcing  the launch date and period for nomination through electronic means (e-mails and ad screens) and distribution of publications (brochures, banners, and roll-ups).

Second Stage

Initial nomination by the employee herself.

Third Stage

Filling out a form on the University's website where points are calculated. The form is accessed by the University username. 

The form includes the following points:

  • The number of volunteer participation in activities held in the college. (proof to be attached)
  • Discipline in attendance, few excuses and absences. (proof to be attached)
  • The number of community services. (proof to be attached) 
  • Speed ​​and workmanship in the accomplishment. (to be filled by the superior)
  • The ability to solve problems. (to be filled by the superior)
  • Collaborating with colleagues, and the ability to work in a team. (to be filled by the superior)
  • Recommendation of colleagues. (to be filled by colleagues)
  • Individual initiatives. (proof to be attached)
  • The ability to assume higher responsibilities. (to be filled by the superior)

Fourth Stage

Counting the points by an independent committee (faculty members who are not in administrative positions). Performance Development and Functional Excellence Unit takes over the secretariat functions of this committee.


Fifth Stage

Announcing the results through e-mail, ad screens, and placing the winners' names on the honor board.

* Among its conditions: Each participant must not be honored more than once a year.

The Goals and the Desired Results of the Initiative

  1. Create an ideal work environment.
  2. Reducing the rate of idleness at work.
  3. Create a positive competitive spirit.
  4. A sense of appreciation.
  5. The high level of job satisfaction among female employees.

The Departments Involved in Implementing the Initiative

All departments of the college.
Supervision: The Performance Development Unit in terms of preparing the approved model for differentiation and counting votes and announcing results.


Alignment with the College of Science strategic plan

The extent of the compatibility of the development initiative with one of the goals of the university's strategic plan. At this stage, the development idea is linked to one of the strategic goals of the College of Science, and it shows how the initiative responds to the university’s goals and achieves them. 

5-The areas of interest of the Initiatives Unit

compatibility % 

Ideas and solutions that contribute to determining the excellence for all activities and some  areas specifically


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the excellence of university staff


Ideas and solutions that contribute to quality, not quantity; In an effort to improve the quality of performance.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to enhancing employee capabilities.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to building bridges of communication with the internal and external community.


Ideas and solutions that provide a supportive functional environment.                                              


Ideas and solutions that contribute to building a supportive management organization.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to flexibility and accountability.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the university’s values


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the excellence and development of the various university units.


Committees that will Work to Implement the Project 

The comparison points are calculated by an independent committee (faculty members who are not in administrative positions) and the Job Performance Development Unit undertakes the secretariat functions for this committee.


Mechanism of Motivation and Appreciation

The cooperating departments that accomplish the task of nomination can be honored at the end of the year, and the top three departments in terms of attention, perfection and speed of achievement are honored.



Winners of the Initiative

  1. An honor board will be hung in the college hall near Science Building (5) entitled “Ideal Month Employee” so that the names of departments are stable, and the names of female employees are changing.
  2. All honorable female employees receive a certificate of thanks and appreciation.
  3. The honored employees are rewarded with a day (job assignment).

Owners of the Initiative

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