The idea of the initiative is based on creating an electronic platform that contains a database of distinguished employees. The selection is by nomination. Either through the employees by nominating themselves or by the supervisor to nominate whom they deem deserving. In line with Vision 2030 and corresponding to the fifth dimension of the national transformation program "achieving excellence in government performance”; this initiative aims to raise awareness in the work environment. In addition to attaining the vision of the College of Science "The First supporter for Career Innovation" “Excellence Guide in Performance Development project” in Career Excellence Unit, Research and development department / Community Service.


Toward a distinguished creative and aware employee.


Raising work environment awareness through training, qualification and development strategies (attending seminars, conferences, courses and workshops) with the support of the authorities 


  1. Creating a database
  2. Contributing in raising and renewing awareness in the work environment.
  3. Investing the employee's knowledge, skills and experiences in creativity, innovation and excellence to achieves our vision
  4. Identifying and addressing the employee's weaknesses through setting self-development plans
  5. Raising managerial competence and professionally developing it by adopting employee training programs.
  6. Activating the employee's role to achieve excellence, creativity and innovation in the work environment


Integrity - creativity and innovation - quality and excellence - belonging

Strategy for implementing the initiative

First phase:
Handing over the file of the distinguished employee of the College’s Performance and Job Excellence Unit.
Second phase:
Form a committee to match the standards
Third phase:
Collect data and upload employee-specific evidence (qualifications - certificates-0000) on the website.
Fourth phase:
Annual update of the platform by adding new distinct elements to the database and by updating the distinguished employee data in case they want to continue to upload their files with new experiences provided that it is not less than a year.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Courses, workshops and training lectures
    Number of attending scientific training qualification courses, workshops and lectures in the field of excellence and management innovation

  • Professional meetings:
    At the level of the section and other departments and departments
    • Organizing professional/annual - quarterly - monthly training and qualification forums (this includes training courses and programs offered by centers interested in the field of professional development).
    • Organizing periodic internal creative meetings at the level of the department and college, then departments, colleges and departments.
    • Hosting an elite group of creators and innovators in the field of work to transfer their experiences and expertise to raise awareness of the importance of creativity, innovation and administrative excellence in development.

  • Membership in agencies/committees and organizations:

    Care to participate in local and international organizations and associations, to name a few:

    • Saudi Management Association
    • Arab Management Organization.
    • The administrative elite in training
    • Arab Administrative Development Organization

  • Symposium s and conferences:

    At the local level: Participation in seminars and conferences at the local level.

    • Participation in attending international conferences at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
    • At the regional and international level:
    • Participation in attending seminars and conferences at the regional and international levels.
  • Scientific trips:
    • Carry out scientific trips at the local level. 
    • Carry out scientific trips at the level of the Gulf and international countries.
    • Obtaining internal and external scholarships (postgraduate, baccalaureate, or diploma): For example (Computer for office - English - Office Administration - Business Administration)

Goals and desired results of the initiative

Create an electronic platform that contains the project outputs and be the primary communication hub in the development and raising professional competence and rehabilitation in the future.

Departments involved in implementing the initiative

Support from the relevant authorities from the government and private sectors at the college level.

Alignment with the College of Science strategic plan

The areas of interest of the Initiatives Unit

Compatibility % 

Ideas and solutions that contribute to determining the excellence for all activities and some  areas specifically


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the excellence of university staff


Ideas and solutions that contribute to quality, not quantity; In an effort to improve the quality of performance.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to enhancing employee capabilities.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to building bridges of communication with the internal and external community.


Ideas and solutions that provide a supportive functional environment.                                              


Ideas and solutions that contribute to building a supportive management organization.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to flexibility and accountability.


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the university’s values


Ideas and solutions that contribute to the excellence and development of the various university units.


Project committees

  • Follow-up committee
  • Evaluation Committee

Mechanism of motivation and appreciation

  • Motivating staff (certificates, trophies, etc.)
  • Improving job evaluation – recognition at the university level

Winners of the initiative

  • Motivating the winners of the initiative (certificates, shields 0000 Etc
  • Strengths in job performance evaluation.
  • Promotions and career hierarchy
  • Recognition ceremony at the college level. 
  • The distinguished name of the university administration is raised (thanks at the university level).
  • Awarded the Order of Excellence.
  • Publishing the distinguished employee’s name on the university’s electronic accounts. 
  • Host the distinguished in activities and events.
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