The Academic Supervision Unit is considered the main core of the learning process because it provides a lot of facilities to the students. Also, it supports students during their university life by offering counseling information and helping in registering courses that are suitable. All these factors help students in adapting with the study load in the University and its requirements. Most of the higher education foundations depend on the experiences of the teaching staff in guiding students through their academic needs. They guide students in choosing their specializations Also, they support them with many suggestions and advice which help them to improve their learning achievement, overcoming their academic problems, knowing their tendencies, developing the special abilities of everyone them and profit from the experiences and the available services in the University. 


The Academic Supervision Unit cares about presenting support and counseling to the students in the college. It seeks to get benefit from their own abilities and develop their skills. Also, It encourages them to be creative and distinctive and to graduate during a specific period of time after gaining academic experiences and practical skills which give them great opportunities in the labor market. The Academic Counseling Unit also studies the psychological, health, financial and functional problems of the students and help solve them


  • To pave the way for the students to acclimate with academic life.

  • To supply students with true information about the college and its educational policies, resources, and programs.

  • To enhance the student’s learning and surmount the difficulties they face during their studies.

  • To provide consultation for students who face academic problems.

  • To take care of the low achievers and observe them until they become advanced.


  • To put a plan for the Academic Supervision Unit in the college.
  • Supervising the execution of the Academic Supervision Unit plan.
  • To inform students about the unit, its importance and how to benefit from its services through meetings, brochures and University website.
  • To inform the students about the goals of the college, its programs, its scientific departments, its graduate fields of jobs and the kinds of services it provides to the students. Also, to steer them to choose the specializations which are suitable for their abilities. 
  • To distribute the new students to the academic supervisors and put the lists on the websites of the unit at the beginning of every academic year.
  • Reporting the administration of the college periodically ( every mid-term ), including the works of the unit and the levels of the students.
  • To study the cases which are sent to it by the college administration, and make reports about them and submit them to the competent authorities.
  • To consider the academic problems of the students which are submitted by the guides, and solve them with the administration of the college.
  • To consider the academic complaints of the students and solve them or submit them to the administration of the college when it needs.
  • To consider the complaints of the students in view of any course and find solutions and submit them to the administration of the college.
  • To enlighten the importance of the Academic Supervision and the importance of communicating with the academic guide through publishing booklets and brochures and using the website of the unit.
  • To supervise the instructive programs of the new students which inform them to know the study system and the exams of the college.
  • The committee meets regularly every four weeks or when new reports emerge , to discuss the regular reports or the exceptional reports which are submitted from the academic guides.
  • To contribute in solving the psychological, financial , social and functional problems of the students, through directing them to the guiding and steering center in the college and the deanship of the students affairs to adopt resolutions.


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