Admission and Registration Unit in Brief

Admission and registration unit is focusing in serving students during the registration of their academic courses, solving their related problems, and following up requests for apology, postponement, re-enrollment, change of specialization and withdrawal from the course.

Admission and Registration Units’ Services:

  1. Electronic evacuation of graduated and withdrawn students and delivered their files, as well as graduates and dismissed students (old college system and laboratory diploma).
  2. Follow-up on registration requests via people soft system.
  3. Registration of academic warning, visitors and transformers students.
  4. Communicating with the Arts College and the Scientific Track and raising students’ registration requests in some required courses.
  5. Registration of struggling students for all departments and the general level.
  6. Follow-up withdrawal requests from some courses.
  7. Follow-up absence excuses and respond to them with rejection or acceptance.
  8. Study and analyze the cases of some students (additional opportunity - re-enrollment ...)
  9. Reviewing graduates lists and making sure of their validity and raising it when there are any mistakes to the admission and registration deanship.
  10. Scheduling and reviewing courses for each semester as well as summer semester.

Contact us

Registration Tel: 013337441

Registration Email:

Admission Tel: 0133337119

Admission Email:

Published on: January 21, 2021 - 11:21 am
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