It is a connection tool between the Community and the college to make the Community aware of the college’s several abilities and make benefits of them.


    1. To spread the culture of community service among College employees.
    2. To strength the links between The College and the community, to raise their competence, develop their knowledge and abilities, by offering a variety of high quality programs.
    3. To communicate with community outside The College to implement programs and activities.
    4. To follow-up the documentation of community activities in The Social Responsibility Bank.
    5. To prepare a report on The College's community activities.
    6. To evaluate The College's participation in community service activities.

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              Phone: 013-3337489 -  013-3337085
              Building : 6     Floor : Ground floor   Office : GF-14


              Published on: February 19, 2017 - 12:23 pm
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