The elearning unit was established at the science college on 12/06/1432H as directed by the deanship of elearning and distance learning, to support and implement the deanship’s strategical plan at the university


Enable the college and its employees to achieve their variable needs by using the tools, practices and the environment provided by  e-learning according to the highest standards of quality and perfection.


Develop faculty members and students skills in the use of  modern technologies in education and e-learning management consistently with the policy of  the  Deanship of e-learning and support faculty members and students  at the university on how to use the information and communication technologies to improve the educational services offered by the college to students and to the community.


  • implement strategies that increase the use of faculty members and students for e-learning and educational technology on the Internet and enhance student achievement.
  • coordinate support services provided for faculty, staff and students in all aspects of e-learning.
  •  work with other departments to develop and deliver e-learning courses and to ensure that all courses and programs run successfully.
  •  cooperate with the Deanship of e-learning and distance learning to develop, evaluate and implement e-learning strategic plans.
  •  conduct training courses, programs,  workshops and lectures suitable for faculty members and students about e-learning .
  •  raise awareness about e-learning between faculty members, staff and students.
  • evaluate all operations and activities of e-learning at the college and deliver a detailed report to the Deanship of e-learning and distance learning.
  •  contribute to the professional development of faculty and staff through the development and delivery of e-learning and professional development activities.
  • Train new highbred faculty members and freshmen’s on the use of elearning system and provide the support needed.
  • Design , print and distribute brochure and banners on how to use blackboard 

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