Quality Assurance Department

Arranges training for faculty members to help them assess students theoretically and practically.


  1.  Determine training requirements for faculty upon which effective assessments are based.
  2. Provide faculty with sufficient training in the form of lectures and workshops to allow them to measure and assess student performance in compliance with Education Assessment Agency – Higher Education.
  3.  Continuous communicate with the Deanship of University Educational Development and corresponding training sites to effectively utilize all available on campus human resources.
  4.  Set the general conditions for assessments.
  5.  Review assessment plans for program requirements and ensure consistency with learning outcomes and accreditation standards.
  6.  Review exam questions in accordance with exam question review form
  7.  Supervise keyword banks and develop a mechanism to make use of statistical analysis of exam terminology.
  8. Ensure that faculty use matrices and similar tools for rubrics. 
  9. Prepare exam reports and identify strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive practices.
  10. Formulate plans for measuring the effectiveness of methods used in student and exam assessments.
  11.  Promote academic practices and methods used to verify efficiency of assessments.
  12.  Monitor all activities and prepare to use as data in departmental self-assessments.
  13. Prepare annual report on the work of the Unit.


 Exam Administration Department

Organizes final theoretical exams.


  1. Identify all approved rules and regulations pertinent to examinations at the university and ministry level, and communicate them to target groups (faculty and students).
  2. Issue cards with approved tasks for each of the following:
    • Exam administrators in academic departments.
    • Committee chair – committee member – exam proctor member.
    • Exam question committee in academic departments.
  3. Post notifications on walls announcing final and make-up examination schedules and locations, in coordination with the Schedule Division. 
  4. Prepare exam rooms and ensure readiness in coordination with the Maintenance Division.
  5. Provide supplies required by Exam Progress Committee and Question Management Committee in coordination with the Stationary Unit.
  6. Ensure that all posts on committee boards are matched to ensure clarity for students and faculty alike. 
  7. Design all forms used during exam administration and distribute across academic departments. 
  8. Complete regulation in cases of exam conflicts. Direct supervision in such cases with regards to committee formation and announcements, receipt and return of exam question and answer sheets, and assigning proctors. 
  9. Ensure ideal student distribution in exam rooms in coordination with the departments including: ratio of proctor to students and number students per exam room.
  10. Ensure building and hallway security by providing sufficient security and communication officers in coordination with party of responsibility within the College. 
  11. Tally cases of proctoring shortage. Submit reports to the Deanship of Administrative Affairs for help in coverage. 
  12. List previous cases of exam disqualifications and set them as clear examples for the department, faculty, and students. 
  13. Monitor final exam progress and record any noteworthy observations. 
  14. Identify cases of student misconduct such as cheating or disturbances, and communicate to the Dean of Academic Affairs. 
  15. Record cases of exam absence and report them to the Deanship of Academic Affairs. 
  16. Monitor all activities related to the process of exam administration and prepare for use as data in departmental self-assessments.
  17. Schedule and approve operational plans for the Unit at the beginning of each semester and implement.
  18. Consolidate all detailed reports submitted by the departments according to a unified form prepared by the Unit.
  19. Prepare an annual report on the work of the Unit complete with statistics and graphs.
  20. Coordinate all tasks to be carried out with the Exam Progress Committee and the Question Management Committee within the academic departments.


Email : Csd.CQAF@iau.edu.sa

Building: 5     

Floor : Ground     

Office: GF-16

Published on: March 15, 2018 - 13:14 pm
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