The College of Science's Strategic Planning Unit was established in the year of 1437-1438. This unit is responsible for planning and executing strategic plans and development of services provided by the College in all areas in cooperation with different departments and units in the College and in coordination with the University's Strategic Planning Unit, to develop strategic and operational plans to achieve the University's and the College's Vision and Mission.


To be able to plan strategically to gain highly credited programmatic and institutional performance locally, regionally and globally.


Prepare and execute the strategic and operational plans that provide academic, research and community services and quality criteria for programmatic and institutional performance in the College of Science to be in line with global developments.


  • Spreading the culture of strategic thinking in the College.
  • Participate in strategic and operational plans for the Faculty of Science in coordination with various Academic and Administrative departments and the University's Strategic Planning Unit.
  • Follow-up on the executive plans, performance indicators, and periodic reports.
  • Coordinate meetings for the Strategic Planning Committee at the College and documenting the meetings.
College of Science's Strategic Plan

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