The student activities center of the College of Science is a productive station to ensure effective implementation of science clubs' curricular activities in the academic departments.


Creativity and excellence to enable the student to demonstrate an effective higher education and community leadership.



Provide supportive services and seek appropriate means to fulfill the curricular and extracurricular student activities in a creative and outstanding way, that reflects the quality of learning outcomes. 

Student Clubs

Student clubs are a perfect environment for discovering and developing talents, as well as encouraging students to demonstrate their skills in the fields of culture, sports, entertainment, education, volunteerism, community service, etc. Student clubs also allow students to communicate with club members, exchange experiences, and hone talents and skills.

Student Club’s Admission Criteria in the College of Science

  • The student should be a full-time student.
  • Must be of good conduct and has never been subjected to disciplinary punishment.
  • Cooperative and has the initiative.
  • Must not be a graduate in the same semester in which she applied to join the student club.


  • Contribute to building the personality of an integrated university student to take responsibility and cooperate, lead, be a self-confident, and to promote the belonging to the homeland and nation.
  • Prepare the student properly in the intellectual, physical, and social aspects through practicing activities in different fields.
  • Boost the cognitive ability of college students and push the frontier of student knowledge, in which her knowledge is not limited to a specific major but also extends to include all fields.
  • Assist the college student to adapt to the group as a member of it and increases her ability to build social relationships, so that it develops the human behavior and improves human relations.
  • Consciousness in interaction with the developments of global civilization and the fields of human knowledge, and benefit from its sources according to the precepts of Islam.
  • Disseminate physical awareness, athletic culture, and health regulations among the university’s students.
  • Provide the opportunity to practice activities and hobbies beyond the academic framework.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of volunteering at the university and national level.

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