Dean's Office

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Prophets, Messengers, and companions.

 The philosophy that underpins the Community College depends upon serving the local community by enrolling the public education graduates and providing various substantial academic preparation, oriented towards the development of students and enhancement of their skills in addition to an extensive job training and matching of the market needs,  by raising skill levels and facilitating smooth transition from school to work through a combination of off-the-job vocational education and linking it with the  college’s curriculum, and other vocational skill pathways.

Additionally, the Community College instills the national, religious values and principles to cultivate a great generation and contribute in the advancement of the nation.

The Community College is aspiring highly to be an entrepreneur and a pioneer, in bringing an effective human resources to the community, and achieving its operational goals, and strategic objectives through acquiring the academic accreditation, and providing quality education to students. 


The College’s Dean
Dr. Horia AlOtaibi