Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs

Supervising the educational process involving female students, implementing approved policies and programs in the areas of female student affairs and auxiliary educational services, and achieving the goals set for them.

Functions of the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs:

1. Supervising the implementation of the executive rules and regulations governing the university studies and exams.
2. Supervising the units of academic affairs.
3. Supervising the committee of the educational plans for the academic programs in the college.
4. Supervising the preparation of timetabling schedules for female students in academic departments and coordinating with other colleges.
5. Supervising the distribution of male and female students to the various departments of the college.
6. Supervising the progress of final examinations and forming their committees in coordination with the academic departments
7. Supervising the application of the regulations of admission and transfer to and from the college and between academic departments.
8. Supervising the committee of course equivalency.
9. Supervising the quality of evaluation and exams.
10. Supervising requests for postponement and interruption of study, as well as students deletion and addition of courses in accordance with the university regulations.
11. Supervising the preparation of denial lists as well as lists of graduates.
12. Supervising the induction programs done by the academic departments.
13. Approving the lists of graduates in the system.
14. Supervising the guidance and counseling of students and resolving issues related to academic achievement.
15. Submitting periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of work in the subordinate units according to the tasks assigned to them and the difficulties they face.
16. Coordinating with the college units in the relevant fields

Vice Deanship of Studies, Development and Community service

The Vice-deanship supervises the implementation of various development paths, techniques and initiatives in the college, following policies such as quality assurance in work and performance, whether at the functional, administrative or academic level, adherence to local and international accreditation standards, raising the efficiency of administrative and educational staff, and following up on improvement and development work.

Functions of the Vice-Deanship for Studies, Development and Community Service:

  1.  Development of academic programs and the creation of new programs that cope with the requirements of the labor market.
  2. Supervising the implementation of quality assurance procedures and standards approved by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation regarding the college’s academic programs and preparing them for local, regional and international program accreditation in coordination with the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation.
  3. Following up the implementation of the strategic plan objectives and its operational plans.
  4. Working to develop academic and administrative performance in all aspects.
  5. Continuous assessment of the educational process, collecting data about performance levels and beneficiary satisfaction among students and educational and administrative staff in the college, and supervising improvement plans.
  6. Studying and determining the training needs of the college’s employees in all fields and proposing workshops and training programs that meet these needs and nominating qualified trainers to deliver them.
  7. Encouraging the academic departments and college administrations to improve performance at the level of the academic and administrative bodies, and preparing a guide for the specifications of outstanding performance, its measurement indicators and evaluation techniques.
  8. Preparing the college performance indicators.
  9. Developing the academic skills and teaching methods of faculty members, and administrative and technical skills of female administrators in accordance with the most prominent modern scientific developments.
  10. Strengthening the links between the college and community members in a way that contributes to raising their efficiency and developing their knowledge and abilities by providing a variety of high-quality community education programs and spreading the culture of community service among the college’s employees.
  11. Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, spreading their culture and developing creative ideas into projects and emerging companies in the college.

Vice Deanship of Training & Acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Vice-Deanship of Training & Acting Vice-Deanship for Higher Studies & Scientific Research Tasks: 

  1. Supervising the Training Division.
  2. Organizing the process of distributing students during the various training periods to the various training entities.
  3. Inviting various training entities to cooperate with the college to train its students.
  4. Introducing the training entities to the various college programs to open a new door for cooperation through the new college departments.
  5. Finding alternatives for government training agencies and trying to reduce the burden on them.
  6. Finding stable channels of cooperation with scientific institutions and research centers to involve them in the process of training and continuous education.
  7. Addressing the various training entities to provide suitable and approved places for training students.
  8. Following-up training of students in the various training places in coordination with the academic departments of the college.
  9. Standardization of training forms and schedules.
  10. Formulation of training skills in coordination with the scientific departments to be accessible to students, faculty members and trainers.

Tasks of the Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research:

  1. Developing a strategic plan for academic research in the college to set priorities for it consistent with the vision and mission of the college and university, with the participation of faculty members and college students.
  2. Developing a plan to support academic research and motivate faculty members and those of similar rank as well as students to publish in prestigious journals.
  3. Involving female students in academic research in order to prepare them for the requirements of the new labor market.
  4. Enhancing cooperation with national, regional and global research centers by conducting joint research and exchanging knowledge and experiences.
  5. Supporting and encouraging faculty members and female students to actively participate and attend local and international scientific forums in order to improve the quality of knowledge acquirement and to open up to other universities and the various knowledge and research strategies they provide.
  6. Preparing annual statistics at the college level, including:
  •  numbers of research, studies, scientific chairs, and patents.
  • a form for measuring achievements, obstacles and proposals.
  • participation and attendance of faculty members in seminars, conferences, scientific meetings or training courses inside the Kingdom
  • participation and attendance of faculty members in seminars, conferences, scientific meetings or training courses outside the Kingdom.
  • faculty members who obtained scientific communication
  • award-winning faculty members.