An electronic platform that informs both, University staff and community with the existing community partnerships, to enable public, private and charitable sectors to sign community partnerships that correspond with the university’s mission to deliver professional and innovative community services.

Objectives of the Community Partnership Platform

  • Enhancing the university’s goal towards achieving an electronic/paper free environment.
  • Providing a Database for University of Dammam community partnership, and joining all community memorandum of understandings under one umbrella.
  • Providing and facilitating the coordination between the community (non-governmental organizations, public and private sectors) and University of Dammam in regard to community partnerships.
  • Unifying the procedures, templates and reports of University of Dammam community partnerships.
  • Improving the efficiency and easy retrieval of University of Dammam community partnership data.

Key Performance Indicators Community Partnership

  • Number of applications of Community partnerships.
  • Number of approved Community partnership applications.
  • Number of Visitors: Daily, Monthly and Annually.

Targeted Group

  • Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University faculty, staff and students.
  • Non-governmental organizations, Public and Private Sectors.
  • Members of the community.

Mechanism of Operating the Platform

  • Opening electronic accounts for interested applicants at the platform.
  • Activating these electronic accounts.
  • Filling-in the form of a (new community partnership application).
  • Filling-in a “follow up” form of the community partnership after it is agreed upon.
Published on: 12 November 2017
Last update on: 12 September 2018
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