An electronic platform that allows both, university and community members to deposit their volunteer hours into an account, in order to document the individuals’ volunteer work throughout the year in a sustainable manner.

Main Objective of Al-Ata’a National Bank

Framing volunteer work institutionally and document them electronically through a system where it documents the volunteers’ work and hours spent in volunteering, and therefore create the capacity to evaluate it objectively.

Specific Objective of Al-Ata’a National Bank

  • Achieve the University's goals and approaches in the field of volunteer work in high quality and according to the approved standards of community service and sustainable development
  • Standardize the work mechanisms of participating in volunteering activities at the university.
  • Establish volunteers’ database at university and limit them under one umbrella.
  • Provide flexible methods in documenting volunteer hours for both university members and participants from the community, hence, receive a volunteering excellency package.
  • Secure balance and integration between the university’s various sectors that are contributing in volunteer work.
  •  Organize internal and external volunteering affairs of university members.
  • Raise the volunteer’s awareness about the volunteering policy manual at the University, and their rights and obligations.
  • Evaluate the performance of volunteer work regularly at the university and suggest methods to its improvement.
  • Enable the university to announce its annual volunteering harvests to the community.
  • Enhance orientation to electronically automate all transactions, standardization of formats, leading to paperless environment.