Who is Al-Ata’a National Bank for?

  • University’s Faculty members and Administrative staff
  • University’s students
  • University’s graduates
  • Society members

Who can use the platform?

Any citizen or resident from in or outside the university. All volunteers from 18 to 60 years old are welcomed and praised.

How can I know about the volunteering events?

You can find them in the platform’s Calendar on the main webpage.

How can I participate in volunteer event?

After completing the registration on the platform you will receive an invitation to participate based on the registration data you have entered.

How can I participate in a volunteering event?

There are three ways to participate in volunteering event:

  1. Through the automated invitation (based on matching between the required skills in the description card of the event and the volunteers' registered information.  
  2. Through a special invitation by the event's coordinator
  3. Through the platform’s calendar at Al-Ata’a national bank webpage which display the events and contact information for the superviosr for you to get in touch with them.

Who is authorized to launch a voluntary event at Al-Ata’a National Bank?

University’s Faculty members and Administrative staff

Are there specific regulations for participating in volunteer events?

There are rules and regulations that both, the participant and event’s supervisor should adhere to them.

How to launch a voluntary event at Al-Ata’a National Bank?

  • Go to Al-Ata’a National Bank platform through Community Service Electronic Gate.
  • Press Register a voluntary event tab on top of the platform main webpage.
  • Fill in a volunteering event description card where you can either press (save) in case you need to draft the description card and get back to it later, or, (send) to submit your card to the platform admin to verify that all fields are completed.
  • The admin will post the volunteering event information at the platform’s calendar.
  • The volunteering event will be displayed in Al-Ata’a National Bank calendar, and in the Electronic Community Service Gate.

How can I document my voluntary hours?

A volunteer will document (his/her) volunteering hours through their personal account then press (send), it will automatically appear to the event's supervisor account.

When I document my volunteering hours who will edit them and where can I find them?

The event's supervisor will electronically review and edit the volunteer’s hours that is submitted.
A volunteer will fill-in  and send a satisfactory survey after an event has took place, in order to view his/her volunteering hours in his/her personal account after being verified by the supervisor.

Can I print out my voluntary participation statement?

A volunteer can print out a statement of his participation in all volunteering events , or single volunteering event.

Can I withdraw from a voluntary event after completing my registration?

You can withdraw from an event at least a week before the start date.

Do I receive a certificate for participating in a voluntary event?

Yes, and it is received within two weeks of the volunteering event completed date.

Where do I get my membership card in the volunteering event?

From the event supervisor.