It is an electronic interface that allows IAUs employees to access the university's account in the National Volunteering Platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Main Objective 

Documenting the efforts of the university and its employee's volunteer work electronically and allowing the IAUs' various entities to present volunteer opportunities in various disciplines and record its hours.

Specific Objective

  • Achieve the University's goals and approaches in the field of volunteer work.

  • Secure volunteers’ database under the university umbrella.

  • Elevate the volunteers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Evaluate the performance of volunteer work regularly at the university and suggest ways to improve it.

  • Enable the university to announce its annual volunteering harvests to the community.

  • Promote orientation toward automating all transactions, standardization of formats, leading to a paperless environment.

Published on: 12 November 2017
Last update on: 03 December 2020
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