The volunteer has to know that his/her participation in volunteer activities does not have any financial rewards or benefits neither, from the organizer or the university, but he/she has the rights to which the organizer of the activity is committed to as the following:

  1. Show respect and appreciation to the volunteer.
  2. Offer the opportunity to utilize the volunteer’s skills to achieve goals of the volunteering activities.
  3. Assign a supervisor to provide the volunteer with a clear description of their (his/her) actual tasks.
  4. Orient and train the volunteer according to the tasks entrusted to them.
  5. Provide a safe environment to participate in the volunteer activity by the event coordinator/supervisor.
  6. Accept or reject an electronic invitation to participate in an event.
  7. Withdraw from the event at least one week prior to the volunteering event start date.
  8. Document the volunteer hours, starting from the event preparation and according to his/her tasks in the event.
  9. Receive an appreciation certificate within two weeks of the volunteering event’s end date.
  10. Obtain an electronic statement from Al-Ata’a National Bank platform as well as a certificate of participation from the event coordinator/supervisor.
  11. Obtain a volunteering excellence package according the volunteering hours documented within the platform.
  12. Maintain confidentiality of the information provided in the Volunteer’s satisfactory survey.
  13. Issue a volunteer membership card in order to participate in the volunteering activity.


The volunteer has to comply with the following obligations, failure to comply may lead to dismissal from volunteering activities:

  1. Adhere to Islamic ethics, good behavior, and wear decent appearance, show respect for others and teamwork.
  2. Reflect an honorable image of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University when performing the tasks entrusted in the volunteering event.
  3. Update the personal profile in Al-Ata’a National Bank platform with any changes in personal, professional information and new skills acquired.
  4. Review tasks and information provided in advance to the volunteering event.
  5. Do not take advantage of volunteering participation to achieve personal goals that may harm the interests of the university and its employees and others.
  6. Wear the appropriate outfit and identification card, which is provided by the coordinator/supervisor at the day of the event.
  7. Accept guidance in performing tasks and follow them accurately and proficiently.
  8. Seek the event coordinator/supervisor when experiencing difficulties or obstacles in performing the volunteering tasks.
  9. Oblige to the stated and agreed upon the volunteering participation timing during volunteering activity.
  10. Notify the event coordinator/supervisor as soon as you arrive to the event place or in case you need to leave the event for any reasons.
  11. Commit to be present at the volunteering event site as stated.
  12. inform the event coordinator/supervisor of your absence for any reason, to take necessary actions.
  13. Notify the event coordinator/supervisor about your withdrawal from the event at least one week prior to the volunteering event, and document reason for withdrawal electronically from your profile.
  14. Respect the confidentiality and privacy of the volunteering activities information and not disclose it until its implemented or directed by the supervisor.
  15. Do not release any press or media statements regarding the event without prior permission.
  16. Do not perform any commitments other than your assigned tasks to other parties during your participation in the volunteer event. Additionally, inform the coordinator/supervisor of any requests related to this regard.
  17. Safeguard the university’s property and materials given and hand them over to the authorized unit after the end of the event.
  18. Do not request, collect or participate in personal financial donations or any similar act during your participation in volunteering activity.
  19. Follow the safety and security procedures at the event site.
  20. Do not smoke during your participation in volunteering activity in, or outside the university.
  21. Document your volunteering hours and fill out volunteer satisfactory survey.
  22. View the volunteering policy manual of the University.

Published on: 19 November 2017
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