It is an incubator-like platform, that contains innovative notions and ideas in order to transform them into promising projects later on. It empowers the community (inside and outside the university) to evaluate them and then implement certain projects that benefit the community, via providing various support that will ensure its success; while taking into consideration protecting the intellectual property rights of its owners.


  • Encourage creativity and innovation in the areas of sustainability
  • Encourage different people to contribute their opinions in refining ideas and prepare them to be nucleus of sustainable development projects  
  • Provide various support to develop  the ideas and transform them into initiatives and make them successful as projects.

How does the platform work

Registration steps:

  1. Go to (Register an Idea) button
  2. Choose (New User)
  3. Fill in your Username and Password desired
  4. Activate your account after confirmation Email is received
  5. Go to “Register your Idea” button, through your personal account