Course Description 

The Computer Applications II course will develop the vocational and theoretical skills of the students in the areas of statistical analysis, Computer-Aided Design and drafting. It will introduce students to the basic concepts of statistics. The students will learn how to distinguish between different branches of statistics like descriptive statistics and inferential statistics using programs like SPSS. The student will learn how to organize and present data graphically and learn how to calculate different descriptive statistical measures. Estimation and hypotheses testing of statistic data will also be included.  In addition, the students will learn how to design, draw and manage in a computer environment and to be able in the end to produce technical and standard 2D drawings with accurate dimensions in a professional way. The course teaches students how to use basic drawing tools and modify them with modification tools and commands and expose them to a number of drawing techniques and methods, meanwhile leaving them to develop their own techniques. In addition, the students learn how to organize their work by using layers, how to print out a hard copy of a digital drawing using plotters and printers and to import digital pictures and manage them. The student will train on an industry-standard drafting software packages like AutoCAD with the logic, concept and skills of computer-aided design and drafting.

Course ID: COMP 122

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
3 - 4 - - - 4 COMP 121