Course Description

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of environmental control systems (i.e. services, lighting and acoustics systems) that are used in buildings.  It reviews human activities and patterns of buildings' usage and teaches students how to choose an optimum control system in order to maintain a comfortable internal environment comfortable for users. The coursework will examine the visual comfort requirements and their relationship with human activities such as:  various methods that are usually used to control daylight, artificial lighting in buildings and components of lighting systems.  This class will introduce the students to service concepts that include:  an adequate water supply, sewage systems, elevators, escalators and fire safety installations and systems. Through this course, students will gain a general knowledge regarding acoustic principals and the application of acoustical principles in architectural spaces.

Course ID: ARCH 324

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
3 4 - - - - 4 -