Course Description 

This course is Interested in providing the student with the general principles and techniques developed for the measurement and evaluation of physical effort for various sports games (collective - individual) and deepen student understanding of the various dimensions of the curriculum of physical education and acquire the ability to develop in the light of developments and changes in physical education. The decision consists of two parts: First. "Physical Education: the development of physical and mental abilities of students by exercise and see the effects of different exercises on the internal organs of the body and build muscle by exercise and various sports activities (collective - individual) and swimming. Second, "health education (theory): to give the information to improve health and health behavior according to the contents and the various university activities and healthy nutrition, and taking into account the mental health and how to deal with accidents, injuries and first aid.

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Course ID: PHEDU162

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
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