Innovative Dentistry


The overall goal of the 15th ADS is to provide an opportunity for the leaders in dentistry, dental practitioners, and educators to share and gain insight into strategies for a range of areas, in the new innovation at dental education and practice, at all dental specialties, delivering high-quality dental care and faculty development.  The symposium is aimed at continuously updating the stakeholders on various advancements in scientific concepts, research and techniques. 


By the end of the symposium, participants will be able to: 

  • Knowledge of modern innovations and methods in dentistry. 
  • Achieving quality and an integrated smile in all dental specialties, using the latest technologies and innovative treatment methods. 
  • Presentation of the efforts of the various relevant institutions to implement international standards in the field of comprehensive dental services. 
  • Participation in the latest technologies and research and its main contribution to the development of integrative and comprehensive dentistry to enhance and empower dentistry. 
  • Raising and enhancing quality standards in dental treatment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the application of international standards, using modern technologies and innovations in dentistry. 
  • Enabling dentists to develop and apply modern and innovative methods. 


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30 November 2022 to 02 December 2022
8.00am - 9.00am
Dammam Sheraton Hotel
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