The Department of Physical Therapy at King Fahd University Hospital in conjunctionwith the College of Applied Medical Sciences' Department of Physical Therapy are hosting the Third Annual Gulf Physical Therapy Forum this coming Saturday and Sunday, March 28-29, 2015 at the housing compound for King Fahd University Hospital.  Dr. Saud Ibn Mohamed Al Saudi, the Chairman of the Forum's organization committee and an assistant professor at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, stated that, "The University of Dammam is honored to host this prestigious event, which provides the perfect setting for these medical specialists to interact and share their expertise as well as become informed regarding the latest in breakthroughs in the discipline of physical therapy."  He also noted that this Forum will not only have a lasting, positive impact on UoD's physical therapy students, but on the services provided to the patients as well.    Speakers from throughout the Kingdom and the neighboring Gulf countries will participate in this Forum where in addition to the 38 different papers that will be presented, there will also be four training workshops where the attendees will learn the latest therapeutic techniques to help patients who suffer from issues associated with the nervous and skeletal systems, muscle pain as well as sports related injuries.  

Dr. Al Saudi mentioned that the Forum will will be divided into four main sections including:  1) physical therapy for neurodegenerative diseases, 2) pediatric physical therapy, 3)  physical therapy and how it relates to the musculoskeletal system and 4) the role of physical therapy in treating sport related injuries.  Additional workshops will address the latest advances in the field of physical therapy.  The Saudi Council will award 18 certified hours to health specialists who attend this forum.

28 to 29 March 2015
8.00am - 2.00pm
The housing compound for King Fahd University Hospital

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Published on: 25 March 2015
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