Teaching Assistant
26 Nov 2018


Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University is pleased to announce the availability of Lecturer and Academic Teaching Assistant positions for male and female candidates. Application will start on Thursday Nov 22, 2018 until Thursday Nov 29, 2018 through the University's website.

Application conditions:

  1. The applicant should be a Saudi Citizen.
  2. The applicant of the Teaching Assistant position should have a bachelor's degree from a Saudi or Saudi recognized University with a grade of V. Good or higher and he/she should have been a regular student.
  3. Applicant of the Lecturer position should have a master's degree with a grade of V. Good in the specialization of Science in Biomedical Engineering, should have been a regular student and scholarship students' degrees should be recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  4. The applicant should not be older than 28 years old for the Teaching Assistant position and 34 for the Lecturer position.   
  5. The applicant must present two recommendation letters.
  6. Applicants should pass the required department's conditions, such as: written exams, English language exams TOEFL or ILETS (5 or higher) or computer competence exams.
  7. Accepting and signing an agreement to continue their studies in notable international universities during the first two years of nomination.
  8. The applicant should not be a governmental employee.
  9. He/she should meet other requirements set by the University's Counsel according to recommendations by the concerned college and department.

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Published on: 26 November 2018
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