The University of Dammam is preparing for the upcoming Sixth Annual Scientific Conference and will send 42 students to participate in this prestigious conference from all academic disciplines. The University recently held an informative preparatory meeting for the conference participants. The conference will be held for the second time in Jeddah on March 30, 2015 under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Dr. Abdullah M. Al Rubaish, the University’s President and the Vice President of University Branch Campus Affairs, Dr. Adel Al Faleq, along with Dr. Abdullah Al Judy, the Medical Consultant for Families and the Community at the University Hospital and Dr. Majid Al Mawashi, the representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and the General Coordinator for this conference, Dr. Ali Al Shami attended the preparatory meeting. This meeting was held at the conference hall at UoD’s main campus for male students, while it was simultaneously broadcast to the women students at the Rayan campus.

The General Coordinator of the conference, Dr. Ali Al Shami noted that, "The main objective of this preparatory meeting is to prepare the participating students both psychologically and scientifically by having them gain the experience of actually presenting their entries and having their projects critiqued by academic specialists. This practice conference helps familiarize the students with the setting of an actual conference and gives them the confidence to succeed”. The Ministry of Higher Education selected the final 42 conference participants out of a group of 225 finalists. These students represent the complete spectrum of UoD’s academic disciplines and will go on to compete with students from universities across the Kingdom

Al-Shami mentioned that the response to this upcoming conference was phenomenal with 745 female applicants and 100 male applicants. This pool of applicants was narrowed down to the final 42 UoD participants, which include 36 female and 6 male students.

Lina Mohammad Noor, who is a student at UoD, addressed the preparatory meeting on behalf of her fellow students, which was followed by comments given by the President of the University. The President declared, “This type of meeting represents the pure essence of an academic institution, actively engaging its students and championing scientific research.” He noted that, “The complete spectrum of academic disciplines at UoD are represented by these students, bringing together the humanities, social sciences, the sciences, engineering and the health fields.” He also stated, “The students’ accomplishments were not limited to just research papers, but that the participants had submitted various projects including: films, photography and design projects. This clearly demonstrates what can happen when the talents of students are cultivated, while at the same time building their character in the academic environment that UoD is known to provide.”

Dr. Al Rubiash concluded by stating that, “I would like to thank all of those who have diligently worked in the preparation and organization of this preparatory meeting; from the students who have worked so hard and to the Deputy and Coordinator of Women Student’s Affairs, Dr. Hessa Al Otaibi for her time and dedication and I hope that all of the participants achieve success in this prestigious conference.”

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Published on: 17 March 2015
Last update on: 17 March 2015