IAU is pleased to announce the availability of academic positions (Professor, Associate and Assistant Professor) for both males and females. Application will start on Tuesday April 24, 2018 until Thursday May 3, 2018 through the University's website.

General Conditions

  1. The applicant should be a Saudi.
  2. Should have received his/her degree from a Saudi or well-known university that is recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  3. The applicant's bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees should be in the same specialty.
  4. He/she must have gained a grade of Very Good in his/her bachelor's degree.
  5. The applicant should have been a regular student throughout his/her bachelor's, master's and doctorate studies.
  6. The applicant should pass the scientific exam to be nominated to the personal interview.
  7. To pass the interview held by the University.


  1. Applying is not considered a final acceptance.
  2. The applicant must review the list of vacant positions, select the department and specialty according to his/her qualifications.
  3. After selecting the accurate position, the applicant should apply through the Employment Electronic Gateway on IAU's website. After applying; the applicant must login to his/her page to upload the required documents.
  4. Following up will be only through the University's website that will be continuously updated.
  5. Applicants' will be contacted through the follow up tab in the Faculty Employment Electronic Gateway.
  6. An application will be considered cancelled if inaccurate or untruthful information was submitted.

Available Academic Positions

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