The Deanship of Academic Development has successfully accomplished the Faculty Mentorship Certification Program “Cohort II” during the first and second semester of 1438 – 1439 H.  This program is one of the most distinctive programs offered by IAU to support faulty members and the institutional academic accreditation process where it spreads and strengthens the culture of mentorship among faculty members in four domains: Scientific research and innovation, teaching and learning, academic leadership and community service. In particular, the program aims at sponsoring the new university professor and supporting his/her research, academic and administrative career.

The program accomplishment was held under the patronage of his excellency Dr. Abedullsalam Alsuliman, the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. Certificates were granted to forty faculty members, who successfully completed the program's requirements. The event was held on Tuesday Shaban 28, 1439 H in the Deanship of Academic Development.

Deanship of Academic Development
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Published on: 13 May 2018
Last update on: 24 May 2018