Referring to what was recently circulated on social media against having the final exam at university campuses, and the accompanying fear to the precautionary procedures applied to combat the infection of the Covid-19 virus, the university affirms its utmost concern for the health of everyone, and their constant endeavor to provide the appropriate environment to perform their exams in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and where His Royal Highness the Governor of the Eastern issued his directive to assign a committee from the Ministry of Health to determine the precautionary procedures and their adequacy, and where the committee completed its mission and visited the university and inspected Its facilities and exam centers and the committee concluded with the safety of the precautionary procedures taken by the university and the appropriate environment and equipment to hold the exams in the campuses Also the committee confirmed that attending the exams is not a potential source of infection. Therefore, the university affirms to dear parents and for its sons and daughters students its keenness on the safety of its academic and organizational procedures And maintaining the quality of the educational process and evaluation.

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Published on: 23 April 2021
Last update on: 23 April 2021