The Vice Presidency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Deanship of Academic Development will host experts from Finland University and the University of Turku for a four-day program that will be held for Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University faculty members in November 2019.

Previously IAU's Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Omar Muammar, and Finland University's Executive Director, Pasi Kaskinen, signed a working agreement in June 2019 which is considered the second year of collaboration between the two universities to provide IAU with the best of Finnish education. Also, in 2018, the Deanship of Academic Development hosted Finnish experts on the student-centered higher education model of project-based learning.

The focus of the current program is "Boosting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in University Education". Finnish experts will also present an evening forum to share "Finnish Success in Entrepreneurship and Innovation" attended by IAU members and the local community. All members of the community interested in supporting innovation in education are welcomed to attend.

Deanship of Academic Development
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Published on: 14 October 2019
Last update on: 14 October 2019