KFUH's Medical team successfully implants a lifesaving abdominal cultivation pump.

A medical team from King Fahd University Hospital in al Khobar recently implanted a  cultivation pump in a woman’s abdomen in order to remove fluids.

Dr. Khalid Al Otaibi headed the team of doctors who successfully implanted the device knows as an “Alpha” pump into a 35 year-old woman who suffers fromabdominal ascites, which is caused by cirrhosis of the liver, creating a condition where fluids continually gather in the abdominal  cavity. The pump was implanted beneath the abdominal wall and transports the fluids from the abdominal cavity into the bladder in an efficient manner, improving the quality of life for the patient.  Dr. Hanan Al Ghamedi, Dr. Roshdi Al Motawali and Dr. Mona Ismaeel were some of the physicians who assisted Dr. Al Otaibi in this breakthrough procedure.

Dr. Al Otaibi stated that worldwide this revoutionary implantation procedure has been carried out 250 times and that it is now available at KFUH with a cost ranging anywhere from 150,000 SR to 250,000 SR.  He also noted that cirrhosis of the liver is on the rise in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom and that candidates for this type of procedure are carefully chosen.  

Dr. Al Otaibi was pleased to announce that the patient’s condition is now stable and the she will receive training in how to operate this device and will be heading home in two days.