The 1st Basics of Endoscopic Surgery Workshop concluded on Thursday 29 Jumada II, 1437 H. The workshop was held in UoD’s Endoscopic Surgery Training Center and was titled a Surgical Training Course for the Basics of Endoscopic Surgery. This workshop was the first to be held in King Fahad University Hospital in Al Khobar.

Dr. Akram Al-Jahdali, Pediatric Surgery consultant, head of the Pediatric Surgery Unit explained that “The 1st Surgical Training Course for the Basics of Endoscopic Surgery was held in building number 1 in the hospital, it was attended by 12 trainees, a number of surgeons, a number of representatives from participating agencies either from Riyadh hospital, the armed forces, the University, the Ministry of Health, the Operations Nursing Department, or Anesthesia technicians from King Fahad University Hospital.

Al-Jahdali added that “Pediatric Surgery is a branch of General Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery is different from traditional surgeries that are done by incision therefore, Endoscopic Surgery has made surgeries easier on patients particularly child patients. Furthermore, in King Fahad University Hospital we have conducted very complicated operations in Pediatric Endoscopic Surgeries such as a very advanced Thoracic Surgery to remove a tumor located in the Thoracic Cavity and we were able to thoroughly remove it by using an Endoscopy.

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Published on: 29 May 2016
Last update on: 29 May 2016
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